My point of difference.

Give me 5 seconds – and I’ll bring your brand to life. Motion is powerful, often overlooked, and adds new depth of emotion to you and your brand.

Most animated logos are made using preset motion templates that reveal the logo in a fancy way. While the effects can be impressive, they are ultimately generic and don’t add to your brand’s story. 

Animation provides a universal language to imbue emotion, augment feeling, and explain hard concepts.

Ryan McLeod

That’s where I step in. I add a layer of contextual and memorable motion that connects to your brand and its ethos. While your existing flat logo makes a first impression, your animated logo works one step harder to unveil clues and context about your offering.

It’s storytelling that’s obvious, felt, and nearly invisible all at once. The finishing flowing touch to your narrative.

Use Case

Social Media – Feeds are a perfect medium to stand out. Animation is far more memorable leaving a lasting impression.

Email Signature – There’s no more memorable way to sign off your email than with an animated logo. It shows you’ve cared enough to think about the small details.

Promotional Video – Spliced into the beginning or end, it adds another level of customised professionalism to your video content.

Website – Can easily be integrated into your website with great effect.


For a limited time I’m offering animated logos for only $250 (AUD). After the promotion the price will start from $500.

I’ve set up a payment option below for those who want to lock in the promotional price. Otherwise you can begin by enquiring through the contact form below.


  1. Purchase
  2. Communicate
  3. Create

Payment can be made through the link below. I’ll be notified immediately.

I’ll contact you and we can exchange ideas for the animation. You will need to provide me with your logo files at this point.

Once we agree on the idea I’ll bring it to life before sending you a proof. From here any adjustments can be made before providing you with the final animated logo files.


If you would like to know more click here.


  • Animated Logo
  • Up to 5 seconds
  • 1024 x 1024 MP4 video file
  • 150 x 150, 300 x 300, 600 x 600 animated GIF